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Take you to understand the material of keychain

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A keychain is a decorative item that hangs on the key ring. The following materials are commonly used to make keychains: PVC, acrylic, metal, leather, plastic, crystal, wood, and so on. Keychains come in a wide range of shapes, and their small and delicate forms can be high-profile ornate, playful, and everyday, or low-key elegant, and so on. Keychains have evolved into a type of gift.

The types and materials of keychains are becoming increasingly diverse as people's personalized needs grow.


PVC soft plastic keychain is also referred to as drip keychain, soft plastic keychain, and other similar terms. It can be made transparent, translucent, fluorescent, and other effects depending on the location and needs; it can also be scented, and a compass, thermometer, and other small ornaments can be added to make a multifunctional keychain. This keychain has a strong sense of three-dimensionality, and the color is also brighter, creating a strong visual effect. It can be customized to any size and shape, but the color tends to fade over time.


Acrylic, also known as plexiglass, is transparent, allowing you to make different styles of keychains by inserting colored paper in the middle. The degree of wear and tear of the keychain is determined by the hardness of the acrylic, and bright colors can meet the various tastes of the pursuit of individuality.

The zinc alloy

In general, the surface of the zinc alloy keychain will be treated with oil baking paint or electroplating to improve the overall appearance of the product.

Because of its excellent plasticity, zinc alloy does not stick to iron when die-casting, and its fluidity is also excellent. As a result, more and more keychains are made of zinc alloy, and the material's advancement increases the keychain's practical and aesthetic value. Many zinc alloy keychain surfaces are currently being plated with a layer of metal to make the overall keychain shape more beautiful.

1. Zinc alloy keychain material

Zinc alloy keychains are made of zinc alloy, which is a zinc and other metal element alloy. When compared to copper, iron, and other materials, zinc alloy keychains have the advantages of lighter weight and excellent plating performance, but they also have drawbacks such as low hardness and oxidation and corrosion susceptibility. As a result, when purchasing zinc alloy keychains, it is best to go with reputable manufacturers and brands and pay close attention to the materials used. Related product: Zinc Alloy Iron Metal Personalized Soft Hard Enamel Keychains.

2. The manufacturing of zinc alloy keychains

The manufacturing process of zinc alloy keychains is also critical. Surface smoothness, toughness, and hardness of zinc alloy keychains can be ensured by a good manufacturing process. In general, the more intricate and exquisite the manufacturing process, the stronger and more durable the keychain produced.

3. Application of a zinc alloy keychain environment

In addition to the material and manufacturing process, the use of the environment has a significant impact on the durability of zinc alloy keychains. The zinc alloy keychain may be damaged, rusted, or deformed if it is frequently exposed to a humid, high-temperature, or acid-alkaline environment. To ensure the longevity of zinc alloy keychains, care should be taken to not expose them to an environment that is too harsh.

In summary, a variety of factors may have an impact on how long zinc alloy keychains last. As a result, you must take into account the keychain's material, manufacturing process, and usage environment if you want to purchase a sturdy zinc alloy keychain. A well-made, high-quality zinc alloy keychain will typically withstand use and time while maintaining its attractive appearance and toughness for a long time, giving you a better user experience.


Various types of wood are used to carve a pattern, and some are also engraved with blessing words. Rosewood, datewood, ebony, and other common materials are listed below. Among them, jujube wood is more commonly used because it is thought to have the effect of warding off evil spirits in Taoism.


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