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The correct way to wear cufflinks for men

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Cufflinks are the cuffs of a shirt for men wearing a suit with a shirt. Its general material is metallic; there is also cotton, pure gold, and white gold material. This is a detail that shows the boy's sophistication, but it is also a detail that shows the boy's overall sense of luxury and luxury in his dress. Generally speaking, the correct use of cufflinks is to cufflink from one side of the shirt buttonhole across to the other side of the buttonhole, and then adjust it. In this article, let's be specific.

cufflinks for men

First of all, many details go into the styling of a boy's suit, and there are also many settings for a sense of sophistication, of which cufflinks are one of the more concerning details. This is because the expression of a gentleman's style and a sense of sophistication blossomed from different details, which eventually formed the overall luxury style and a sense of coolness. On one side, the shade of the cufflinks, the material, and the details of the overall pattern can express the aesthetic sensibilities and personal qualities of the guy. Although the cufflinks are small, the amount of information carried is still quite large, and a boy's perfection in detail is exquisite.

Secondly, the correct way to use cufflinks is to pick them up and start putting them on from the buttonholes on the outside of your arm. At this point, pay attention to wearing two buttonholes across; after the end of the cufflinks is fixed, the process of wearing cufflinks is complete. As long as you understand the steps, it is very simple to wear.

The above is a more traditional, vintage-style suit with a shirt. Many modern suits with white shirts have abandoned this step and replaced it with buttons. From the standpoint of convenience and practicality, this type of cuff detail is too time-consuming and fussy. Not only are the cufflinks worn especially, but the material of the cufflinks is also very delicate. As a result, more and more people abandon this detail and opt for buttons instead. Nowadays, most of this detail can only be seen in traditional suits, which have more of a taste of time.

Last but not least, if you require custom cuffs in a variety of styles, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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