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The differences between 3D Lapel Pins and Die Struck Lapel Pins

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We are frequently asked to differentiate between 3D lapel pins and die-struck lapel pins. The distinction is significant, yet many designs do not necessitate a 3-D lapel pin design. The answer is that it is determined by the design. I will show some examples of the differences. A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say, and I believe this is true when attempting to explain the difference between 3D design and die-struck lapel pin designs, often known as soft enamel lapel pins.

Understanding a Die Struck Lapel Pin Design

die struck lapel pin

Begin with a standard die-struck or soft enamel pin. A die-struck or soft enamel pin has metal that has been raised and lowered. An antique gold lapel pin is shown in this picture. The antique process is fantastic because sunken or lowered metal regions are typically darker, creating a stunning contrast with the higher metal portions of the lapel pin and making the pattern pop! A raised or recessed metal option is available on a standard die-struck or soft enamel lapel pin. This pattern is ideal for the lapel pin technique. The arrows show where the raised and lowered sections of the lapel pin are located.

Understanding 3D Lapel Pin Designs

3d lapel pin

The pin is an excellent example of a 3D lapel pin design. You'll note that the lion looks fantastic in 3D. The antique gold base lapel pin color creates lighter and darker shadows as the metal is raised and lowered. You'll note that the pin darkens quite a bit at the reduced metal parts. What you should note is that the lion's body is not only raised and lowered metal. The raised section of metal on the lion curves progressively upward and then descends in specific locations. The curvatures are what distinguish the two styles. When comparing the two types, notice how the raised metal on the 3D lapel pin design is gradual and rounded, as opposed to the die-struck pin, where the elevated metal is all the same height. Also, the raised metal pieces of the die-struck lapel pin design are almost like miniature straight walls, but the 3D design curves up.


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