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The features of our keychains

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Zinc Alloy Iron Enamel Metal Keychain

A keychain is a decorative item that is attached to a key ring. On various occasions, the keychain can be used as an ornament or as a gift. Keychains are exquisite, compact, and ever-changing shapes that people carry with them daily. Our metal keychains have four product features.

The keychain is made of strong metal

Keychains come in a variety of designs. There are traditional styles such as lock pieces, chicken hearts, flower baskets, and uninlaid gem ingots. This is a traditional keychain style that our people prefer. Keychains are frequently engraved with different patterns, zodiac patterns, auspicious characters, and so on. Related product: Zinc Alloy Iron Enamel Metal Keychain.

The styles of keychains are expanding due to the influence of foreign jewelry, featuring a variety of animal and plant graphics, portraits, and abstract patterns. A photo box key chain factory that can hold small photos is also located in the key chain factory. This kind of keychain is frequently a symbol of gifts exchanged between lovers. "Opening and closing" and "moving open" are the two styles. The photo box keychain can be opened and shut whenever you want, just like a door. To open the photo box on the move-open keychain, move it left and right.

Many young people adore religious keychains with images of the cross and the crucifixion. The designs of metal keychains and their shapes are incredibly colorful, and this is due to the abundance of jewelry-making materials.

The keychain's surface is extremely polished

In the jewelry industry, the phrase "highly polished" is frequently used. It denotes that the metal used for jewelry has a mirror-like finish. It can also be applied during the manufacturing of metal keychains to give them a brighter, smoother, and more appealing appearance.

The keychain is finished in various ways

The keychain's pattern-covered surface is referred to as the finish. Our metal keychain goes through a complex process to give it patterns on both sides. We can make our metal keychains more attractive and functional in this way. At the same time, they can enhance the appearance of keychains when in use. One side will have no patterns, while the other will have a traditional design in a cold metallic color.

A variety of keychain chain options

The metal keychain's chain style is even more appealing. The keychain chain's material is not only rich and beautiful, but it also has a strong decorative color and luster. The overall design of the keychain chain is frequently the focal point of the design and the focal point of the embellishment effect. The structure of metal keychains is sometimes partially adopted in the chain design of modern metal keychains.


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