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The latest trends in sports medals!

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3D cast projects

The burgeoning sports industry not only influences the increasing number of sports events, but it also affects all branches: from the advancement of technology and equipment to the consistently better results achieved by competitors, up to the novelties of sports fashion. The evolution has also had an impact on sports medals, which are no longer simply gold, silver, or bronze discs. Only a few years ago, the majority of our company's sports medals were traditional circular or rectangular medals. The medals are made in gold, silver, and bronze color palettes, in shiny or aged shades, depending on the needs of the organizers.

With the growing popularity of healthy lifestyles and physical activity, an increasing number of sports events have begun to appear on the calendar. Because of increased competition among organizers, sports medals have become one of the factors determining the success of a given event. The organizers have begun to use sports medals as a tool to increase the event's attractiveness, build its image, and attract the attention of potential participants. Because of their shapes, colors, and craftsmanship techniques, the medals we currently produce stand out from the crowd. What options do the organizers have right now? The following are the most popular types of medals today:

Medals for traditional sports

Despite changing trends, organizers frequently favor classics. Traditional sports medals are typically circular or rectangular. Depending on the requirements, they are manufactured in one or more colors that correspond to the podium positions. Traditional sports medals are typically made in 2D technique, which includes concave and convex planes. Classic medals are distinguished by their solidity, well-knit shape, and rougher appearance. They are also extremely versatile and will work well as medals for both runners and other sports competitors.

Medals for modern sports

Our company is producing an increasing number of modern sports medals. Modern medals stand out from traditional ones with bolder designs, colors, and craftsmanship techniques.

Medals in 2D and 3D

To begin with, organizers are increasingly choosing to order sports medals created in 3D technology by us. This technique gives the medals the appearance of basrelief, curves, and convexities. The organizers select 3D medals for their appealing appearance, even though the preparation of this type of project may be more expensive.

It has been a long time since custom-made casts ceased to be pieces of metal with uninteresting shapes and boring patterns. The advancement of production techniques and design has contributed to the fact that casts are increasingly becoming works of art in their own right. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the advancement of manufacturing technologies has influenced the increased availability of solutions previously reserved for the largest corporations willing to spend large sums on ordered products. Until recently, the options for event organizers or businesses looking for custom-made casts were limited. The majority of the products on the market were based on ready-made designs that could only be slightly personalized - for example, by engraving the desired information or attaching it to previously prepared stickers. More and more options have emerged over time. Custom-made items created from scratch began to push mass-produced items out of the market. Overall, a company's uniqueness determines whether or not it outperforms its competitors. Previously, due to the high cost of producing casts with 3D patterns, 2D products were the most popular. However, this is beginning to change. MCC Metal Casts now offers 3D cast medals to all customers at an attractive, affordable price. So, what is the distinction between 2D and 3D cast projects?

Casting projects in 2D

The 2D technique is the most basic and still widely used method of casting. This method allows for the placement of any patterns on the project, which will be reproduced in two planes - concave and convex - on the finished cast. The advantage of 2D technology casts is the low cost of preparing the mold. It's ideal for designs with inscriptions, logotypes, or other images that don't require a lot of detail. The disadvantage of 2D products is the inability to present elements that require a great deal of detail, such as facial features.

Projects involving 3D casting

In comparison to 2D projects, 3D projects allow for greater complexity of individual details. The additional dimension allows for the reproduction of all the features that could not be captured in a 2D project. As a result, 3D casting is ideal for projects displaying complex elements such as faces, buildings, or vehicles. Designs created in 3D technology appear more prestigious, making them an ideal match for situations requiring a high level of product quality. The cost of making the mold has previously discouraged MCC Metal Casts customers from choosing 3D projects, but this is no longer an issue. Because of advancements in manufacturing technology and machinery, 3D molds are no longer an expensive solution and are now available to the majority of clients who value unique designs. Related product: 3D Gold Silver Bronze Sports Competition Award Medal.

Sports medals in various shapes

The advancement of medallic art is more than just producing medals in 3D technique. At the same time, standard medal shapes are becoming less popular. Modern sports medals have logos of the organizers and sponsors, as well as other shapes, which make the finished medals stand out from the crowd. Our company can create almost any imaginable shape of a sports medal with dimensions no larger than 10 cm in height and width.

Sports medals encrusted with enamel

Colors that can be assigned to individual elements of sports medals are another novelty that has been well-received by the market. This allows for the production of medals that, in addition to the basic color of the medal, are distinguished by other colors that draw attention. The use of this method has contributed to the fact that modern sports medals are increasingly resembling colorful works of art.

Medals with stickers

Stickers are an alternative solution, especially if the organizer requires detailed color elements on medals. As a medal manufacturer, we have seen an increase in interest in this area as well. The use of specially prepared stickers allows for the addition of colorful elements to sports medals, regardless of whether they were created using a 2D or 3D technique. One of the benefits of this solution is the ability to print graphics on medals that would not be possible with any other technique. Our company has a long history of producing medals. We can produce virtually any design according to your expectations and using any technique due to our long presence on the market of sports medals and our participation in creating trends.



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