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Things You Should Know About Making Custom Medals

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Sport Double Side Medal with Ribbon

When planning a sporting event, a school competition, an annual conference, or any other competitive activity, the best prize for the winner should be custom medals with a logo, powerful words, or a name. Custom medals can also help your brand gain recognition. If you've never made custom medals before, here are four things you should know to select reputable designs and trustworthy manufacturing partners.

1. Applications for Custom Medals

Custom medals are thought to be the best way to recognize individuals or groups. On the one hand, custom medals represent honor and validate the prize winner. Custom medals, on the other hand, stimulate the minds of others. Here are some of the most common reasons for making these unique custom medals:

1.1 Sports:

Sports are important in our society, communities, and countries. It gives those who participate a goal and purpose in life, as well as pleasure for those who watch. Custom medals are a symbol of honor in athletics, and they can inspire all competitors to work harder and make more progress in the future. There are numerous types of events, such as the Olympics, local and regional tournaments, marathons, basketball, and so on.

1.2 Schools:

Custom medals are very popular among students. Custom medals are among the top three awards for schools. Custom medals are not only meaningful for prize winners, but they are also inexpensive for schools. Furthermore, custom medals can be engraved with students' names and other words. Speech contests, debate contests, sports meet, student recognition achievements, and other events are available for your consideration.

1.3 Corporate/small business:

End-of-year performance and other sales achievements are always recognized with custom medals. These unusual custom medals can motivate the entire company to work harder. Custom medals for awarding groups, representatives, customers, and colleagues are essential for any event.

2. Design Suggestions for Custom Medals

The beauty of custom medals is that you can have anything you want, including shapes, patterns, belts, or any other component of this one-of-a-kind medal. There are five design tips to help you make the award designs match the achievement.

2.1 Make your circles, ovals, and squares more interesting.

The design of these distinctive medals must begin with a circle or oval. To break up the shape and give the medal a more dynamic feel, add something that extends outside the circle. This medal is an excellent example. The pattern extends beyond the edge, giving the impression of movement.

2.2 Choose enamel colors that look good in bronze, nickel, or gold.

The majority of medals are electroplated rather than painted. Enamel is sometimes used to accent designs. The key to medals is that they come in at least three different finishes: gold, silver, and bronze. However, bronze is the electroplate color that causes problems, and dark enamel will be lost. If you want to use enamel colors, you must first determine whether the color will work on all three finishes. The medals shown below are an excellent example of the use of two transparent enamel colors.

2.3 The text should be raised or recessed in most cases.

There are no hard-and-fast rules about which types of text are preferable. However, if you know the secret, you can improve the medal. To increase the popularity of medals, it is beneficial to work with an established supplier who has designed a large number of medals. One thing to keep in mind is that a medal is not a brochure, so the sentences may be difficult to read. The medal above demonstrates that uppercase letters are much more legible than lowercase letters. The shiny letters and the dull background were also very popular.

2.4 Include some of your text in the ribbon.

If you must engrave sentences or text on your medal, it is best to do so on the ribbon. Consider adding the date or other minor details to the ribbon. Click here for Sport Double Side Medal with Ribbon.

2.5 Accept Antique Electroplating

Most people find regular bronze, nickel, and gold to be too bright. Many factories will add an extra electroplating step known as "antiquing" to give the medal a sense of contrast. Although this step will incur additional costs, most people prefer this design. The example below shows that the bright gold medal reflects, whereas the antique gold medal does not.

3. How Should You Select a Reliable Manufacturing Partner?

Custom medals are made by some reputable manufacturers. But today I'd like to introduce you to a trustworthy company called Badges-Pins. This company has four advantages:

3.1 Medals of various types

Badge-Pins is the largest custom metal retailer. We have a large selection of medals. We also offer the service of creating custom medals based on your design or imagination. Many of our custom medals can be customized with great embossed designs to completely meet the needs of your occasion or presentation.

3.2 Professional Group

Regardless of your budget, the staff at Badges-Pins is expertly trained to assist you through each stage of the procedure.

3.3 Excellent service

We are pleased to offer the most extensive selection of custom medals anywhere at Badges-Pins! We will work legitimately with you to create your customized products throughout the entire process, from the initial stages to the final product. Our personalized medals are one-of-a-kind. We can duplicate your current design or logo or create new fine art at no cost.

3.4 Satisfying products

Badges-Pins' custom medals, as a leading product manufacturer, ensure that your gift-giving needs are met with years of experience. We are here to provide our customers with high-quality items at reasonable prices.

Badges-Pins provides custom medal configuration services that can be tailored to any occasion or event. Our custom medal administration enables you to create one-of-a-kind medals embellished with your logo or structure and available in a wide range of sizes and materials.

4. Simple Steps for Creating Custom Medals

These procedures are being followed to deliver high-quality medals.

Step 1: Email us an idea or sketch for your custom medals, or send us your logo.

Step 2: Your medals will be designed by our professional designers.

Step 3: Make your payment.

Step 4: We'll send you a sample for review.

Step 5: If you want to make changes, you can offer advice. We will change it for you.

Step 6: Once all of the steps have been completed, we will begin the production process.

Step 7: Once your order has been manufactured, we will deliver it to your door as soon as possible.

Typically, the sample time is 2 days. We need 5 days for production and 3 days for delivery. So, at the most, you should receive your order within 10–12 days.

Badge-Pins are the best option if you want to create high-quality custom medals. The cost of custom medals varies depending on the medal style, coin size, quantity, and other options you choose. To request a quote, please visit our website. Please visit our website at www.badgespins.com for more information.


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