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What is Metal Keychains?

Views: 200     Author: Kunshan Shudan Arts and Crafts Co.Ltd.     Publish Time: 2023-06-13      Origin: Site


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High Quality Flower Metal Keychain With Clasp

Metal keychains are the most conventional and classic sort of keychain. With a bright, durable structure, they complement vital house keys and automobile keys well. Customers enjoy how they ring and add weight to their keys, making them easier to find in a pocketbook.

Metal keychains are made out of a metal insignia affixed to a metal keyring large enough to hold several other keys. Traditionally, they are made of plated nickel. They can be constructed entirely of metal or with enamel colors applied to one or both sides of the keychain. Related product: High Quality Flower Metal Keychain With Clasp.

If you've already created custom products with our company, making a personalized metal keychain is similar to making a custom pin, with many of the same personalization choices. If you want to make a matching set, you could even make a pin to go with your keychain.

If you wish to make a metal keychain, you can personalize the following:

Size - Select the height and width of your keychain, ranging from.5 to 3 inches.

Material-Shiny gold, shiny gunmetal, shiny silver, shiny nickel, antique nickel, antique brass, black paint, satin nickel, shiny rose gold, antique silver, antique gold, shiny brass, shiny chrome, brushed brass, satin brass, satin silver, shiny copper, satin gold, satin copper, or antique copper finish.

Various material colors - If you choose, you can add a second metal color in the same finish to your keychain. (In a later step, you'll be able to add as many enamel colors as you choose.)

Color/finish of the attachment material - Choose between a normal nickel or a standard brass finish for your keyring.

Number of colors in design - Select from 0 to 10 enamel colors, or pick a printed design for an unlimited number of colors.

Design alternatives - Select how you want to bring your design to life. You will have the option of using a soft enamel color fill (adding color with enamel that produces troughs between metal lines), a hard enamel color fill (adding color with enamel that is polished flat over the design surface), or a 3D mold (a textured, sculpted metal pattern). Extras such as personalized engraving, glow-in-the-dark enamel, and glitter enamel are also available.

Options for links and chains - Select the keyring or attachment material for your keychain. You will have the option of a split ring with no link, a curb chain, a swivel 8-link chain, a C-link chain, a cable chain, or a non-swivel 8-link chain.

Packaging and branding - Choose clear poly bags, velvet boxes, velvet pouches, or acrylic cases to distribute your keychains for convenient gifting and retail sales.

Metal keychains are the most expensive sort of personalized keychains, but they remain reasonably priced. They start at $1.40 per, depending on the quantity ordered and any extras chosen.


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