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What is the difference between enamel challenge coins, die struck coins, and photo insert coins?

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When designing your custom challenge coin, one of the first decisions you'll make is how you want the image or design to be represented on the coin. This affects the size of your coin, the colors, and the amount of detail you can see.

Custom Challenge Coins provides a variety of options, such as enamel, die-struck, and photo-insert coins. Before you place your order for custom coins, read this blog post to learn everything you need to know about these popular styles of challenge coins.

3d Enamel Printing Challenge Coin

Enamel Challenge Coins

Colored enamel paint is used in the recessed areas of enamel challenge coins. Custom Challenge Coins offers two different enamel coin styles. The edges of soft enamel coins are recessed and raised. The color is applied to the coin's recessed area. If you run your finger along the design, you will notice that the recessed areas with the paint are lower than the raised areas.

The paint on a hard enamel coin is flush with the raised edges of the design. This means that the finished design is polished and smooth.

There are various types of additives that you can use to improve the appearance of your finished coin. Glitter and glow-in-the-dark materials are available to enhance your own challenge coin.

The majority of the custom challenge coins you'll come across are enamel designs. It's an excellent method to add detail, color, and style to a coin. Enamel pins are also less expensive than other forms of coinage. You can't go wrong with an enamel coin for your first set of unique challenge coins. Click here to buy 3d Enamel Printing Challenge Coin.

Die Struck Challenge Coins

Die-struck challenge coins are also widely used. The coins are not filled once they are made, instead of using paint to provide colors and designs. As a result, the recessed and recessed portions of the metal are completely exposed, resulting in a striking, colorless image.

The recessed areas of the design are typically sandblasted and textured, whereas the raised edges are shiny and polished. However, there are numerous customization options available to further personalize your challenge coins to reflect the exact style that you want to portray.

Photo Insert Challenge Coins

The highest level of detail is provided by photo insert coins. The image is directly applied to the coin. As a result, the coins have the greatest amount of detail and color possible.

Photo insert coins work best when used in a larger coin due to the details used. This gives the image on the coin a larger surface area. If you have any questions, you can consult with our graphic design team to find the perfect balance of clarity and size for your custom challenge coins.


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