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What Is The Procedure for Creating And Ordering Personalized PVC Keychains?

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custom medals keychains

Custom PVC keychains are commonly used as hanging decorations on keys and bags. They are made of environmentally friendly soft rubber PVC. The framework is made up of PVC soft rubber products and split aluminum rings. The creation of a personalized PVC keychain can be divided into several steps. So, let's take a look at those.

1. The procedure for creating personalized PVC keychains

1.1 The role of the customer in the process

Customers select shape, size, and layout first when creating custom PVC keychains. They can choose any shape, from a circle or triangle to something unique. You can place any logo you want in the designated area. A logo can include information about your company, slogans, text, images, and other elements. The logo will be placed with rubber on the front, and there are three options for placement on the back.

Blank back: You can keep your backside completely blank, with no text or logos. It is the most affordable option.

Back text: You can print the company's name, phone number, website, and other information on the back.

The rubber on the back: The rubber used in the front can also be used on the back. It is a more expensive option, but it provides the best look and feel.

You can choose the colors for the logo after you've decided on the shape, size, logo, and text for your custom keychains. Keep in mind that gradient colors are not permitted. The rubber used in custom PVC keychains should only come in solid colors. If you choose fewer than seven colors, your production costs will be lower. Send your customized keychains via email after you've finished designing them. The file must be in vector format. If you require assistance in designing, you can contact your manufacturers. You will receive a final design or pre-production sample for final approval before production. Once you confirm this, keychains of your choice will be produced.

1.2 The role of the manufacturer in the process

Let us now examine the manufacturer's role in the process.

Molds and initial setup

Rubber keychains will be produced using molds carved from copper or aluminum by machine or by hand. Carving is completed by the final approved artwork. After carving, the molds are subjected to abrasive blasting and electroplating. It imparts smoothness and purity. Using this method, you can avoid impurities such as bubbles and wrinkles during manufacturing.

Rubber glue coloring

The raw material used for custom PVC keychains appears half-transparent at first. To match the colors requested by customers, it must be mixed with pigments. The purification process begins after pigmentation. To remove any impurities or unwanted bubbles, rubber glue is placed in a vacuum chamber.

Rubber injection

After your molds and rubber materials are ready, begin the injection process. If the logos are simple, machines can be used, but for complex ones, the hand is preferred. Experienced workers are required to maintain product quality because an amateur will ruin it.

Baking with rubber bands

To make rubber hard enough to make a good keychain, it must be baked. To accomplish this, place the semi-finished custom PVC keychains in the oven to heat. Keep it for a minute and then repeat the process several times.

Additional text (optional) should be printed

Customers typically select blank backs with no text or logos. However, if you want to include additional information, we can do so at the back of the keychain.

Packaging & Assembly

After all of the rubber parts are ready, the keychains are assembled by attaching metal rings or chains. Manufacturers perform a final inspection, check the product's quality, and then pack them for delivery.

2. How do I order personalized keychains?

2.1 Style

When a customer decides to order custom keychains, embroidered keychains, medallion keychains, or PVC keychains, they must first design them. They create custom keychains based on their specifications. Select appropriate design patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes. You must complete your designs within a few days of the expected delivery date, as manufacturers will require time for sampling and final production.

2.2 Modeling

After the customer approves the artwork, factories begin the modeling process. Modeling encompasses both design and production via mold-making.

2.3 Tinting

The color-matching process for your custom PVC keychains is carried out by the approved artwork. Ascertain that the color of the PVC product is color-coded according to the color card. Otherwise, the color of your sample or product will differ significantly from the design draft. Following customer approval of the samples, manufacturers will produce your products on the order placed by customers.

2.4 Set up the production line

Before beginning large-scale production, the supervisor should organize the work to ensure smooth production. A supervisor should carefully plan the product's dispensing personnel, determine the coloring positions, and prevent the production of defective products. If the design of your custom keychain is complex, dispensing personnel will need more training. It is critical to ensure that everything works properly in this production line to avoid the production of defective custom PVC keychains.

2.5 Manufacturing

Production for custom keychains, custom PVC keychains, custom embroidered keychains, custom medals keychains, and other products as per the design draft begins once your sample is confirmed.

2.6 Quality control

Quality assurance is critical. Manufacturers must ensure that the products they create meet the exact specifications of their customers. Before delivering products, companies should double-check their shapes, sizes, colors, and design patterns. The most common issue with large orders is that the products do not always look the same. They are all slightly different. Make certain to avoid such occurrences and to provide high-quality products.

2.7 Packaging

The packaging is the final step in the process. Check to see if the customer has requested any special packaging. If so, package your custom PVC keychains according to the customer's specifications. PVC products combined with four mother chains and stainless steel rings create fully customized PVC keychains.


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