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What kinds of medals are there?

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Rose Gold Plating Award Sport Medals

There are numerous medals, and each medal can be classified in a variety of ways to create various categories. Here are some illustrations.

According to shape

When producing medals, we will create badges in a variety of shapes based on user needs. These regular medal shapes include round, oval, square, rectangular, triangular, inscribed hollow, three-dimensional, and others.

According to the classification of materials

In general, medals are made of iron, copper, gold, silver, zinc alloy, aluminum, and other materials. They may also be made of organic materials, resin, stone, wood, or a combination of these. Olympic medals from the 2008 Beijing Games are a common example. Metal medals are difficult to design and produce, and they are expensive per unit when produced in small quantities. Crystal medals work differently. In the shape, it can cause a lot of fuss. It can be created in a unique shape that is refined and elegant. It is also very simple to realize proper processing and production when the business is customized. Additionally, wooden medals are becoming more and more popular with businesses. Wood has special material qualities that completely reflect a literary smell. Related product: Rose Gold Plating Award Sport Medals.

Process classification-classified

The transfer medal is a particular type of medal that prefabricates images and text on transfer paper, making it simple to work on the workpiece on location. Although the transfer graphic is very clear, the production cost is higher as a result.

Metal, plastic, and other materials are possible for the electroplating medals. Ionic metals, typically chromium, nickel, or gold, are then deposited after the graphics have been etched. The electroplated medals' surfaces are extremely bright, have a noble appearance, and exhibit strong corrosion resistance.

The goal of electroforming is to deposit metal on the "master mold" at a higher current density, and after deposition, to peel the metal off of the master mold. This category includes the incredibly thin self-adhesive electroforming nameplates that have gained enormous popularity in recent years.

Metal, plastic, acrylic, and other materials can all be used to create medals with silk printing. Medals that have been silk-printed can be used on a variety of surfaces, but they are typically applied to plastic panels like speaker panels, chassis panels, and other mechanical panels. It has both a low price and a wide range of applications.

PVC soft plastic medals are a type of decorative metal made from polycarbonate (PC or PVC), which is thermally injected through a mold before being further processed, such as coloring or vacuum plating, to finish the medal pattern's color and ensure its protection. PVC soft signs have good corrosion and abrasion resistance, which raises the caliber of the final product. They are frequently used in machinery, electrical appliances, and other industries and make excellent business gifts.

According to purpose

Medals for advanced individuals, advanced groups, authorized individuals, franchise individuals, and membership individuals.


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