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What makes us pick a metal keychain?

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Design Personalized Enamel Keychain Metal Key Chain

Metal, leather, plastic, rubber, wood, and other materials are commonly used to make keychains. As a result, there are various types of craftsmanship depending on the material of the keychain. Our keychains are made from metal. The Custom Keychains are highly textured, and the manufacturing process is refined.

Metal materials have several advantages

Except for mercury, pure metals are generally solid at room temperature and have a metallic luster (a strong reflection of visible light). Most metal keychains are excellent electrical and thermal conductors. Keychains are made of metal and are malleable. The melting point is higher and the density is higher. As a result, metal is an excellent material for keychains. Related product: Design Personalized Enamel Keychain Metal Key Chain.

Metal keychains have good electrical conductivity because metal electrons tend to detach, and metal elements usually carry positive valence in compounds, but when the temperature rises, the resistance of the metal keychain increases due to the thermal shock of the atomic nucleus. Because the connection between metal molecules is a metal band, it can be re-established at will by changing the position. This is also why the metal keychain has such good stretchability.

PVC is used to make the PVC keychain. PVC has an amorphous structure and is a white powder. The level of branching is low. The glass transition temperature is 790°C, and decomposition begins around 170°C. PVC keychains are not very resistant to heat and light. PVC keychains have high temperatures or are very long. It will break down when exposed to sunlight, producing hydrogen chloride, which will then autocatalyze and break down, discoloring the keychain and rapidly losing its mechanical and physical properties. Stabilizers must be added to PVC keychains to increase the stability of heat and light. This is the reason why we select metal keychains over PVC keychains.

The strength, security, and beauty of metal keychains

Metal keychains are stronger and more stable than other keychains because they are made of metal. You don't need to worry if you're giving a keychain to a child as a commemorative gift because the kid was misbehaving and ruined the gift. In contrast, despite the relatively straightforward manufacturing process and low cost of PVC keychains, due to the unique properties of PVC materials, the color of the keychain will change with prolonged exposure to light and heat, and the high temperature will also change the color of the keychain.

Produces harmful chemicals to the human body. As a result, when compared to metal keychains, keychains made of PVC materials are inferior. Furthermore, because the metal keychain is gold-plated, it is rich in metal material in appearance, making the metal keychain very good in terms of safety, aesthetics, and practicality.

To make keychains, Kunshan Shudan Arts and Crafts Factory uses high-quality raw materials and advanced production technology, as well as professional die-casting technology. We are confident that the keychains we produce will meet your product specifications. We also offer souvenir coins, metal lapel pins, and other items.


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