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What rules must be followed when personalizing medals?

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metal medals sublimation

Read more about personalized medallions:

Many customers who are customizing medallions are unaware of the true inner meaning of medals and frequently mistake them for being signs of recognition given to recipients. The requirements for awarding, including the use of the medal, the reason for the award, the choice of materials, the specifications, colors, text layout, and other procedures, must be met by custom medallions. Since medals will be awarded, it is an honor for a unit or person to receive one. A medal's customization is a very serious matter. The concepts that the organizer wants to reflect are present in every aspect of its design. Just like the customization of custom metal badges, many specifications and requirements need to be taken seriously. Here is Quality Sublimation Blank Medal.

Rules that must be followed when customizing medallions:

1. Determine the recipient of the award:

Whether the award is given to a person, group, collective, or other institution, etc. For instance, "advanced collectives, advanced individuals, outstanding employees of the year," etc., because the distinction in award recipients will directly affect many aspects of the medal: such as the hanging position, size, award form, etc. The medal that cannot always be awarded to an individual is too large, it has nowhere to put it, and there are other considerations to be made.

2. The purpose of customizing medallions:

Is it for the annual year-end incentive mechanism of employees or unit collectives, or is it a routine; is it for product quality and brand marketing, or if we see medals in other stores; is it to commend subordinate units or individuals, or to reassure people and so on?

3. Determine the specifications of custom medallions:

Many customers frequently inquire about the specifications and typical sizes used by medal manufacturers when it comes to the size of custom medallions. The specifications that are most frequently used are those that have been succinctly summed up by everyone's design and use cases. The medal's actual gold content is not determined by its size. But if your awards are for different things, you should make them in different sizes. For instance, it should be larger than the size issued to an individual if you are issued to a collective unit.

4. Determine the award name of the custom medallions:

The medal's name should be chosen after the production goal and award recipient have been decided. Here, you can modify your actions based on the current situation and local conditions. Keep in mind to differentiate between the group and the individual, the industry and professional characteristics of the award recipients, and the type of award.


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