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Where Should a Lapel Pin Be Worn?

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Soft Enamel Gold Plated

Where to put a lapel pin is a more difficult question than you might think. Continue reading to discover the various ways to wear lapel pins. You may have seen the recent unveiling of an impressive new lapel pin on the other side of the Atlantic. Lapel pins are frequently used to commemorate special occasions. Custom pins, such as the ones shown above, can be sold or distributed to commemorate an event. Lapel pins are popular with artists and creative people who collect them to wear to formal and semi-formal events.

If lapel pins are unfamiliar to you, you may be wondering where to put a lapel pin. How do you know if you're wearing your lapel pin correctly? We're here to assist you. Continue reading to learn about traditional and non-traditional ways to wear lapel pins. Here is Cheap Price UV Lapel Pins.

First and foremost, what exactly is a lapel?

Pull out your suit jacket or blazer if you have one. Check that it has all of the proper folds and seams so that we can help you identify the lapel. Examine the two outward-folding pieces of fabric on the front of the jacket or blazer. They should begin above the jacket buttons and end below the collar. The lapels are those.

How Do You Recognize a Lapel Pin?

Several types of pins can be used as lapel pins. A lapel pin, in broad terms, is any type of pin used to decorate your lapel. However, there are a few types that you're more likely to encounter:

Traditional suit lapel pins have a decorative metal or enamel front and a pin that goes through the lapel; they are secured with a butterfly clasp, rubber pin back, or magnetic pin back.

Boutonnieres are lapel pins made from (usually) real flowers that still have their stems and are pinned to the lapel with a straight pin or safety pin.

Stick pins have a metal or enamel decoration at the top of a thin metal stem (or stick); the stick goes through the front of the lapel and pokes out, and can be secured with a small metal fastener.

Brooches: Brooches are making a big comeback and have large decorative fronts with a hinged backing that goes through the lapel.

As you can see, there is a lot of variety in lapel pins.

When you've decided on the type of pin you want to make, you can start learning about the lapel pin material and style type you want to make for your lapel pin. Now we'll show you how to incorporate lapel pins into your wardrobe.

Where Should a Lapel Pin Be Worn?

Finding the lapels of your suit jacket or blazer will not tell you where to place your lapel pin. You see, there's a specific way to do it, and you don't want to just stick your lapel pin anywhere on one of the lapels.

Lapel pins will always be worn on the left lapel (your left when wearing the jacket, not your left when looking at the jacket). The lapel pin is worn on the top of the lapel, about an inch below the collar.

Lapel pins, on the other hand, are no longer limited to formal attire. As previously stated, they are becoming increasingly popular among artists and creative dressers who collect and even design unique and modern enamel lapel pins. These pins can be used to dress up an old jacket, add visual interest to a backpack, or accessorize a favorite shirt.

There's a lapel pin for every occasion and every outfit. Don't be afraid to experiment with your favorite pins on anything from a suit jacket to a purse or bucket hat.

When Should You Wear Lapel Pins?

When is it appropriate to wear lapel pins? A lapel pin can be worn on a variety of occasions, including casual and formal settings. Let's take a look at some situations where a lapel pin is the perfect accessory.

Formal Occasions

Special lapel pins, such as boutonnieres, are frequently reserved for formal occasions. When attending prom, for example, many people first wear a boutonniere. In this situation, the boutonniere frequently coordinates with your date's outfit or corsage. Additionally, you can wear lapel pins to formal fundraisers, weddings, galas, and other events.

Working Events

Teams from the office or company representatives frequently wear lapel pins to professional functions. Anything from internal events like team-building days to marketing events like tradeshows can fall under this category.

In these circumstances, lapel pins are frequently given out by the employer to identify the business you work for or a noteworthy accomplishment. Corporate lapel pins are a fantastic way to grow internal brand identity, increase brand recognition, and reward employees for a job well done.

Casual Settings

Lapel pins are also appropriate for casual settings such as informal events or outings. You can even incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe by adding flair to otherwise boring staples such as backpacks. Artistic lapel pins are ideal for any casual setting because they express something about the wearer while also serving as a great conversation starter. You can even experiment with your design.

What Are You Going to Do With Your Lapel Pin?

Now that you've figured out where to put a lapel pin, it's time to think outside the box. How will you use lapel pins to accessorize or express yourself? What custom lapel pins will you create for your next big event?

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