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Why Should I Care About Custom Challenge Coins?

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Have you heard of challenge coins but are unsure what they are used for? Do you find the concept fascinating but are unsure what to make of the cult following that surrounds challenge coins? If this is the case, you should learn more about custom challenge coins.

Only then will you realize their true worth and purpose? Fire departments, military personnel, and police departments all take great pride in producing custom challenge coins to represent their respective organizations.

See below for a detailed guide outlining why you should care about custom challenge coins and what they are all about.

Metal Event Coin

1. They Have a Legendary History

There are numerous stories about how challenge coins came to be, just like any great American legend. Some see them as a modern take on the coins that Roman soldiers were given for their outstanding achievements in battle.

There are many similarities between Roman Empire coins and modern-day challenge coins. The more accurate story, on the other hand, has its roots in World War I.

During the war, men from all over the country volunteered for the flying squadrons. One squadron, in particular, had a lieutenant who wanted to unite his squadron. He wanted to make something special for all the brave men who volunteered to fight for their great country, so he had bronze medallions made for the entire unit.

Not long after, one of the unit's pilots was forced to land his plane behind enemy lines and was captured. He escaped and made his way to a French outpost, but the French were hesitant to believe him because this was a common trick used by enemies to sabotage.

The young pilot used his only piece of identification, a bronze medallion given to him by his lieutenant, to demonstrate his friendliness. That is how challenge coins were created!

2. Every Custom Challenge Coin Has a Story

As we mentioned in the introduction, custom challenge coins are used by a variety of organizations to demonstrate their dedication to a common cause. Police officers, firefighters, military veterans, nonprofit organizations, and even the President of the United States are examples of such organizations.

There is always a story behind the custom challenge coin, no matter where it comes from. That is what distinguishes them. It's a big reason why so many people collect them as a hobby. They enjoy learning about various groups, hearing stories about that person's experiences, learning about the story behind the coin's design, and much more.

Some people also like to use them to recognize business accomplishments. This is especially common with veteran-owned businesses because it allows the owner to incorporate a piece of their military experience.

The same is true for any custom challenge coins you design. Why not give yourself and your team a custom-made coin as a memento for all of your achievements?

3. They achieve your collecting needs.

If you've ever thought your desire to collect things was strange, know that it isn't. It's a characteristic that all humans share.

According to studies, collecting is a human's way of gaining more knowledge, relaxing, and finding personal pleasure. It's also been linked to stress reduction, which is why so many people take it up as a hobby.

Custom challenge coins are an excellent way to satisfy that inner need. They can help you find your purpose as well as learn more about the organizations that fight for this country's freedom every day.

Of course, if you're going to start collecting challenge coins, you'll need something with which to trade. Begin by creating your custom challenge coin and ordering it in bulk. You'll be able to trade coins for coins while also exchanging incredible stories.

4. They can be tailored to your exact specifications.

When it comes to designing your new custom challenge coin, there are no restrictions. We've done any kind of challenge coin that you can imagine, such as:

3D double-side challenge coins gold plated badges

Military coins

Metal Event Coin

5. Helps Your Team Build Chemistry

Some of you may have read the story of how challenge coins came to be and wondered, "Why would that lieutenant create random coins for his squadron?" All indications point to him using them to foster unity among his pilots.

Custom challenge coins will undoubtedly bring your team closer together. It promotes teamwork among all members of the unit. The challenge coin is a symbol of respect.

You can make a one-of-a-kind coin by using our custom challenge coin process. Nobody else in the world will be able to obtain that coin unless they are a member of the unit or a loved one of someone who is.


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