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Coin material composition and preservation

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Commemorative Saint Michael Coins

For a long time, the term commemorative coin has been widely used and appears to have become a synonym for coin collecting. There is a distinction between them. A commemorative coin is a type of coin that is specially issued by sovereign issuers (the United States requires congressional approval) to commemorate someone or something. Its goal is to fully utilize its propaganda function by utilizing the "mass media" of coins. Related product:Commemorative Saint Michael Coins.

Commemorative coins, on the other hand, can be in circulation or a collection. The commemorative coin we produce is a type of ordinary custom-made souvenir that people with excellent craftsmanship can feel. What about the coin's material composition and preservation?

The material of the coin

Although coins are made of metals with varying degrees of hardness, it appears that they are not easily damaged. In fact, preserving coins is difficult. According to the American Standard, the appearance of coins can be classified into 70 grades. The proper preservation method should slow or stop coin corrosion, avoid hard injury, and try to maintain the original appearance grade. Our factory makes commemorative coins out of zinc alloy or brass. The coins made of these two metals are of high quality, particularly in terms of rust resistance. They are ideal for the production of commemorative coins.

It sometimes depends on the metal with more active chemical properties, such as pure gold, which has better stability, for the alloy. When copper is mixed with gold to make an alloy, black spots appear on the coin. However, brass coins are more resistant to corrosion in the atmosphere than pure copper coins.

How to Save Money

Coins should not be cleaned, especially not with ordinary rubber or commercially available glass fiber wiping sticks, which will scratch the coin's surface. If there is green mucus on the surface of the coin as a result of packaging harmful materials, it can be cleaned with absolute alcohol. The stains and fingerprints on the coins can also be cleaned with alcohol, which is effective for new stains and can prevent further eroding of the coins.

When possible, ultrasonic cleaners can be used to clean coins with large amounts of dirt, and alcohol should be used as the cleaning liquid. Coins should be hung in a mesh bag in the cleaning liquid to prevent them from directly contacting the inner wall of the washing machine and causing damage, as the mechanical vibration of the inner wall will damage the coins when they collide with the coin. Dirt can be removed in this manner without scratching the coin.


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