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How Do You Order Custom Keychains for Your Events And Business?

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Cute Cartoon Animal Shaped Elephant Hard Enamel Metal Epoxy Keychain

People enjoy and admire the use of personalized keychains. As a result, custom logo keychains, custom name keychains, and other custom keychains are popular promotional products among businesses and startups. They are popular because they are inexpensive and long-lasting. It is the best option for improving your marketing strategy because people prefer to use them for an extended period, which increases brand visibility. Here, we'll look at nine of our favorite promotional keychains. Let us take a look at them.

Promotional keychains that you love

1. Flashlight keychain

Anyone would appreciate a keychain with a flashlight because it has the additional functionality of providing light when needed. It also has a functional LED flashlight, which is a bonus. It's simply one of the best promotional keychains on the market.

2. Custom keychain with a phone stand and screen cleaner

Clients will fall in love with your product if it has multiple applications. As a result, this type of custom keychain is ideal because your clients will receive a dual-use product that they can carry with them anywhere. People will appreciate your custom photo keychains, custom leather keychains, custom embroidered keychains, or custom 3D keychains if they serve two functions a phone stand and screen cleaner. This is popular with brands because it provides a clear imprinting area and a clean logo display.

3. Carabiner keychain

The versatility of carabiners makes this type of keychain popular. The keychain's aluminum metal keyring is available in eight metallic colors. It comes with a nylon strap to make carrying easier. The metal split key ring will display your company's logo.

4. Personalized bottle opener keychain

This keychain is portable and can be used to open various types of bottles. Customers will appreciate the various color options available. Click here for Cute Cartoon Animal Shaped Elephant Hard Enamel Metal Epoxy Keychain.

5. Color play key ring personalized

For decorative purposes, there are many custom keychains available, such as custom photo keychains, custom acrylic keychains, custom leather keychains, custom engraved keychains, custom wood keychains, or custom embroidered keychains. One of these is the color play keyring. A promotional product with your choice of leatherette color and engraved chrome plating looks stylish and can capture the attention of everyone. Customers may regard your brand as trendy and stylish if you associate it with such a promotional product.

6. Aluminum torch keychain

Because of its unique style and slick appearance of metal with a bright LED light, an aluminum torch keychain can also be given as a promotional product.

7. Personalized brushed plate key

It is also used as a decorative material. This custom keychain gives you a professional appearance with its elegant nickel plating material and use of leather. Custom logo keychains, custom leather keychains, or custom engraved keychains with your brand's logo printed on the plate are all options.

8. Personalized Astro key-light

This type of personalized keychain is an excellent combination of functionality, convenience, and security. This keychain features three white LED lights that can be turned on and off by pressing an on/off button. The keychain's metal split key ring makes it useful for house keys, car keys, and other items.

9. Survival whistle keychain

People who value safety will appreciate this type of keychain. You can take it with you when you go to nightclubs or businesses that offer outdoor services. You can give this keychain to customers who mean a lot to you.

How do I order various custom keychains?

There are three different types of keychains to choose from. You can choose which type to distribute. We'll go over the customization features to think about when ordering metal, PVC, and custom-embroidered keychains.

1. Keychains made of metal

People who want to express their personality through the products they buy prefer metal keychains, which have a unique finish and enhance their design. When ordering a metal keychain, you must select one of the following features.

Keychain design

You can select a keychain style from the list below.

Soft enamel

Hard enamel

3D mold

Glitter enamel

Glow in the dark enamel

Color option

Many manufacturers offer a variety of color options. You can select a single-sided, double-sided, or no-color option.

Ring and chain design

You can personalize your keychain by selecting a ring and chain style from the options listed below.

Ring with a split

A key ring that is directly related to the design of your keychain.

Chain link fence

Chain attachments with flat links for your custom keychains, such as custom photo keychains, acrylic keychains, logo keychains, leather keychains, name keychains, engraved keychains, embroidered keychains, wood keychains, or 3D keychains.

Swivel 8 link

An attachment ring that allows your keychain to rotate free from the key ring.

Cable chain

Regular chain attachment.


A link that connects the keyring with the design.

Finishing options

You can have your key ring finished in either standard nickel or brass. You can also upgrade your finishing to match the keychain, but this will cost you more. You can also apply the complementary layer to its surface to make it shine.

2. Keychains made of PVC

PVC is a material that can withstand almost any condition. With so many color options available, you can also create flexible, vibrant, and one-of-a-kind designs. You can make them in any shape or form that is appropriate for your brand. You can select the following features when ordering them from any supplier or manufacturer.

Keychain design

There are three keychain styles to choose from. They can be one-sided, double-sided, or three-dimensional. It will be determined by your design and specifications.

Ring and chain design

There are five different ring and chain styles to choose from for your personalized keychain. They are as follows:

Split ring with curb chain: A split key ring linked by a chain.

Ring split with link chain: A split key ring is linked by a classic jewelry chain.

Metal jump link split ring: A single chain link connects a standard keychain ring.

8-link split ring with swivel: A swivel link connects a keychain

Cell phone cord: A nylon string wrapped around your PVC design.

3. Keychains with embroidery

With timeless embroidered keychains, you can add personality to your keychains. Many similarities exist between the two types. However, before ordering or designing a custom keychain, you can select from an unlimited number of thread colors, shapes, and sizes.


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