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How the Presidential Challenge Coin's Meaning Has Changed Through the Years

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One of the most sought-after challenge coins ever produced was, and still is, the presidential coin. Learn why and how it changed over time by reading this. In recent years, presidential challenge coins have drawn a lot of interest. They originated during the Clinton Presidency in their current form. Since then, every president has given coins to various visitors and personnel of the armed forces. But many people are unaware that the history of challenge coins goes far further back than this.

The earliest parts that are known date back thousands of years. Legendary Roman soldiers were often fed. The coins represented various military branches and alliances. Challenge pieces have a similar function in modern American history. They are custom-designed coins presented to military members. Presidential/national insignia, mottos, and emblems adorn the pieces. This may appear to be a no-brainer, but there are some considerations. So, let's look at what all of this means. Click here to learn: History and significance of military challenge coins.

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Military Tradition's Foundations

The crown jewels of a longstanding military tradition are challenge coins. Officers began presenting military coins to troops as tokens of distinguished service. These coins had division insignia or unit and team symbols. In this case, monetary worth is secondary. Coins, in particular, serve as confirmation of membership and a means of raising morale. Receiving one is a high honor and the act of exchanging one commands respect.

It's also worth noting that challenge coins are named after real-life challenges. They revolve around service members enticing one another to generate coins at the drop of a hat. If this is not done, losers will be forced to buy rounds of beverages. That is not such a bad price to pay.

The New Milestone in Presidential Challenge Coins

When President Clinton arrived, he began a new era in the challenge tradition. He began giving them out as personal mementos. He eagerly displayed numerous racks of them, revealing himself to be an avid collector. Coins can also be seen in the background of his presidential portrait, which is displayed in the White House. Presidents would have their coinage from then on. These artifacts must be distinguished from non-presidential coinage. Various emergency first responders, such as police and fire departments, are involved in the latter.

Hand in glove

The design of the coin changes over time, but the essence remains the same. When distributing coins, the President of the United States assumes the role of Commander in Chief. He embodies patriotism and military prowess, characteristics that coins exude. It is customary to exchange coins with a secret handshake. It's a quiet and unobtrusive visitor of friendship, trust, and acknowledgment. And it works because coins fit in the palm.

Aside from that, presidents can opt to give coins to foreign visitors to the United States. That's how we exhibit our welcome spirit and honorary membership. In this perspective, coins are ideal gifts for special occasions.

The Other Side of the Coin

The purpose of presidential challenge coins is to showcase shared principles and ideals. Unsurprisingly, most of them went to those who guarded Marine One and Air Force One. President Barack Obama presented coins to service members and even placed them on the graves of fallen warriors.

President George W. Bush issued similar expressions of gratitude. He presented coins to the families of servicemen slain in action. Other times, the presidential challenge works in reverse. Yes, presidents have received challenge coins from US service members in the past. These tokens typically feature the battalion logos of the respective military personnel.

While touring Iraq, President George W. Bush received one from a Marine combat patrol. As President-elect in 2016, Trump received one from a vice admiral. These are only a few examples of unusual twists in tradition.

The Highlight

For a time, the design of the coins was unknown. This was due to the confidential nature of the transaction. However, as passionate collectors of these coins, Presidents Bush and Obama permitted us to take a closer look. Bush's currency featured the White House and a presidential seal. The president's name and status as Commander in Chief were also inscribed on the front.

A significant position was taken by the country's motto. We're discussing "E Pluribus Unum," which is Latin for "out of many, one." In addition, it only made sense that the presidential seal was a key component of the design. Images of Obama's coin showed the White House in 3D and the president's signature. Additionally, there was blue writing on a blue background. Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, was identified.

Disruptive Forces

Trump's presidency does break with precedent, though. The presidential seal, Latin motto, and thirteen arrows signifying the original thirteen colonies were also removed by him. He substituted his campaign motto "Make America Great Again" for these sought emblems. Both sides of the coin are dominated by it.

The eagle perched behind the shield and bearing Trump's seal is the new component. Three times is rare, to say the least, for the President's name to appear. Additionally, the coin is twice as thick as those created for prior presidents. Even the source of the coin's payment is unclear. The administration has not yet clarified the situation in that regard.

It's difficult to glean meaning at this stage, so we must express the obvious. Although some other additions cannot be considered national symbols, the eagle is. The distinction between the military and politics is jeopardized by the campaign slogan. It casts a shade of distrust and doubt over the cherished coins.

Accepted the challenge

The presidential challenge coin pays homage to the history of conflict and military commitment. It improves the ties between military members and commanders-in-chief. They serve to remind us that the relationship between the army and the supreme commander is enduring and crucial. Presidents continue to distribute works of greatness despite the passing of time and nomenclatures. Those who comprehend them are aware of their significance and relevance. Click here for Maker Souvenir Blank Military Army Challenge Coins.



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