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How to choose the right earrings

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Earrings are the most noticeable of the many women's accessories. Unfortunately, some earrings appear gorgeous but are not good for everyone, so today we will discuss how to choose earrings.

Earrings demonstrate that sexiness is unintentional; it differs from the instinctive feelings of the chest, shoulders, and legs and contains more nuanced emotions. Earrings are one of the most significant accessories for women, and choosing the appropriate pair will have a direct impact on your aura and give people a sense. This article focuses on four factors in finding a pair of earrings that are right for you:


1. Pick according to the type of earrings

The face has round, square, long, and short features, and the earrings also have classification characteristics. In line with the principle of knowing yourself and your enemy, since we want to choose the earrings that best match your face shape, the first step is to look at the earrings' classification characteristics. Round earrings, with rounded lines and curved bars, give the visual impression of roundness and softness. Earrings with straight, pointed lines give the impression of a more rigid temperament. Almost no shape of line-type earrings is a pure straight line, and the curved strip will make people feel different.

2. Choose according to your face shape

The earlobes themselves are in the lower part of the face's center of gravity, and when you wear earrings, they mainly modify the lower part of the face. Therefore, you should choose the earrings that suit your face shape. Avoid using earrings that are similar to your face shape.

Round faces have the same width and length, high cheekbones, softly turning facial contours, full facial muscles, and a lack of dimension. This is when earrings are needed to create the illusion of a longer face. Avoid choosing round-shaped earrings again, which will give you a rounder face shape. Suitable for long drop, dangling style earrings to help elongate and offset the roundness of your face, making you look smaller in the face.

People with square faces (forehead and chin are similar widths) have hard facial lines and need to soften the angles of their faces. According to the principle of complementary face shapes, any square earrings with sharp angles and abrupt shapes will make the face look angular. And earrings with rounded lines, such as oval earrings, round earrings, and hoop earrings, are perfect for this.

Long-faced girls have a similar facial shape to square-faced girls, but from the forehead to the chin part, the proportion is a little longer than that of square-faced girls. Long-faced face shapes should try to avoid styles that are longer than the chin and straight; otherwise, it will only make the face endlessly long. Try round, scalloped, or square designs, and choose earrings with an upper visual focus. This will focus the attention on the middle of the cheeks and weaken the presence of the chin.

3. Choose according to your skin tone

The color and texture of the earrings should be in harmony with your skin tone and the color of your clothes. Generally, the same color can create a harmonious beauty, but just the right contrast color with a good match can also have a very good effect. As long as you follow one thing and avoid the same or similar color scheme as your skin tone, you will not go wrong.

For fairer skin tones, there are many suitable colors for earrings, so it is better to match colors. You can choose more intense colors, such as bright red, light red, dark purple, or coffee, which will look good. For yellowish skin tones, you can choose earrings that are on the white side. For example, silver earrings and white gold alloy earrings work well. Other light colors, such as light green and light blue, are also able to make the skin fairer. Black skin tone, not suitable to wear too white or pink series, will be a strong contrast to aggravate the visual sense of black skin texture. You can choose silver, white, or gold earrings, and other intermediate shades can play a role in lightening the skin tone.

4. According to their hair selection

The shawl hair type always brings a beautiful lady feeling, long hair tied up fresh atmosphere phi most feminine. The size of the earrings is mainly related to the hairstyle. Long hair can completely cover the ears, so the need for earrings should be larger. Women with long hair are afraid that the hair will cover the earrings, to highlight the highlights of the match, you need long chains and other narrow earrings, so wear a beautiful and eye-catching. You can also match earrings with unique and fashionable designs to make your hairstyle less monotonous.

Handsome ultra-short hair will make you look full of personality, so you can also do something bold in the choice of earrings, no hair cover, pick the size of the earrings can not pay so much attention. Short-haired girls can wear oval or diamond-shaped earrings, as well as delicate studs to set off the girl's vivacity, smart and competent. But it is not recommended to use earrings of the same length as the tips of the hair, affecting the beauty.



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