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Most common ordering errors when customizing medals

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Marathon Running Finisher Zinc Alloy Medal

It can be exciting and invigorating to see participants proudly wearing their medals at the end of an event after designing and ordering custom medals. That is why it can be disappointing if there are problems and your medals are incorrect, delivered late, or arrive after the event has ended.

Waiting on the exact number of orders before ordering custom medals

Planning any type of event is difficult, and depending on the type of event, you may not know the exact number of medals required right away. You may not want to take the risk of purchasing more medals than you require, but not having enough medals and having to ask the medal maker to reproduce them may result in your event ending on a sour note. Having a few extra medals on hand is far less expensive than not having enough medals, both in terms of actual cost and potential customer dissatisfaction.

Waiting to order until you have an exact count of registrations can result in cost, on-time delivery, and marketing opportunities being lost. To avoid falling into this trap, estimate the number of medals required for production conservatively. Then, order extra medals as needed; any rush fees for these extra medals will be far less than the cost of expediting the entire order.

Ignoring details when ordering custom medals

You're busy organizing an event and excited about your personalized medals. To save time, it may be tempting to approve your medal order quickly, gloss over the details, and move on. Customers may be surprised at how frequently incorrect information is approved: order details such as quantity, price, shipping and event dates, shipping address, and so on. Details in artwork such as misspelled words, incorrect dates, PMS colors, design versions, and so on.

Custom medals, like custom badges, take time and effort to design, and it is critical to ensure that you receive them on time. Consider creating the perfect medal only to have it not arrive on time because you approved the incorrect shipping address. Unfortunately, these types of mistakes happen more frequently than you might think. If you discover these errors after you approve the order, you may be required to pay additional fees to correct them, if possible. Taking the time to double-check all details before approving can save you a lot of time and trouble. Here is Marathon Running Finisher Zinc Alloy Medal.

It all comes down to starting early, understanding your priorities, double-checking every detail, and seeking expert advice from a reputable vendor. You can avoid some of the most common ordering mistakes by speaking with custom medal experts who will walk you through the ordering process.


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