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The metal keychain manufacturing process

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Die Cast Metal Keychain

The metal keychain has various effects, and the surface can be flat, 2D, 3D, and so on; the keychain is made of fluorescent powder to make it luminous; adding flavor to make it scented; the metal keychain can also be attached to a compass, a thermometer, and so on. Home decorations are appropriate for special occasions, and promotions are appropriate for a variety of industries. Metal keychains have a strong three-dimensional effect, bright colors, a pleasant feel, and attractive visual effects. Metal keychains can also be used for decoration and advertising! So, what is the manufacturing process for metal keychains?

The metal keychain was made using a die-casting process

Die-casting is used to create the metal keychain. Die-casting is a metal casting process that involves applying high pressure to molten metal through the cavity of the mold. Metal keychain molds are typically constructed of high-strength alloys. The die-casting process is similar to injection molding in that it produces metal keychains. Most metal keychain die castings are iron-free, such as zinc, copper, aluminum, magnesium, lead, tin, and lead-tin alloys and their alloys. A cold chamber dies-casting machine or a hot chamber dies-casting machine is required depending on the type of metal keychain die-casting. Related product: Die Cast Metal Keychain.

Die-casting metal keychain characteristics

Due to the high cost of casting equipment and molds, die-cast metal keychains are typically used only for the mass production of large quantities of metal keychains. Die-cast metal keychain parts are relatively simple to manufacture, with only four main steps and a very low-cost increment. Because die-casting is particularly well suited to the production of metal keychains, it is the most widely used of the various casting processes. Die-cast metal keychains have a flatter surface and higher dimensional consistency when compared to other casting techniques.

Several improved processes were developed based on the traditional die-casting metal keychain process, including a non-porous die-casting process that reduces casting defects and eliminates pores. It is primarily used for zinc processing, which can reduce waste and increase the yield of metal keychains through the direct injection process.

Benefits of die-casting metal keychains

The castings of metal keychains have excellent dimensional accuracy, which is one of the benefits of die-cast metal keychains. This is usually determined by the metal keychain's casting material. At the initial 2.5 cm size, the typical value is 0.1 mm, and the error increases by 0.002 mm for each additional cm. The surface of the metal keychain casting is smooth when compared to other casting processes, and the fillet radius is approximately 1-2.5 microns.

Castings with a wall thickness of about 0.75 mm can be produced when compared to sandbox or permanent mold casting methods. It is capable of casting the internal structure of metal keychains, such as wire sleeves, heating elements, and high-strength bearing surfaces, directly. Other benefits include the ability to reduce or eliminate secondary machining of metal keychains, quick production speed, casting tensile strength of up to 415 MPa, and the ability to cast metal keychains with high fluidity.


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