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What is a PVC keychain?

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PVC soft rubber keychain is also known as drip rubber keychain, soft rubber keychain, rubber keychain, and trace keychain.

pvc keychains

(1) It is made of PVC Korean material, DINP oil, and KM31 powder, which is environmentally friendly PVC and has been certified as not containing phthalates (or esters). Soft plastic PVC products (microinjection) using imported raw materials, scientific formula unique process production, and the world's popular non-toxic PVC soft plastic material production, product quality through the European toy safety standards EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3.(Products are popular in Europe and the United States). The keyring can be used as part of the keychain, and different shapes, sizes, and specifications can be made according to customer requirements. Furthermore, the corporate LOGO pattern and cartoon shape can be printed, and the price is reasonable, making it an ideal gift for enterprise promotion activities.

(2) The appearance effect of the PVC soft rubber keychain is varied. The surface can be flat, 2D three-dimensional, 3D three-dimensional, etc. Can add transparent oil, making it transparent and translucent; add phosphor, making it luminous; and add flavor, making it scented. In addition, a compass, thermometer, and other small accessories can be stored in the keychain. Home decoration applicable occasions promotion applies to a variety of industries, this product has a strong sense of three-dimensionality, and bright colors, feels good, has a good visual effect, and has a very good effect on decoration and advertising.

(3) They are beautiful and elegant, small and exquisite. It has a variety of patterns, hearts, Christmas trees, butterflies, all kinds of cartoons, and various small animal shapes. These patterns are very realistic, very cute, beautiful, and generous, and they are trendy decorations that young boys and girls adore. The product has a soft, long service life, does not irritate the skin, and has other characteristics. It is quite popular in Europe, the United States, and other countries as fashion jewelry, but it is also the best choice for new human beings, so you have a cool taste! Customers can customize according to their desired size and shape, and the mold opening fee is generally not too expensive.


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